Imagine being stranded with the legendary Joe Dolan in a rural pub in Cavan on the night his car breaks down. That’s just the sort of fantasy scenario that’s imagined in “The Night Joe Dolan’s Car Broke Down” a new play written by Padraic McIntyre. This show is set on a stormy St. Stephen’s night as people gather to celebrate the 60th birthday party of The Horse Munley. As the storm worsens and people head home a knock to the door brings the night’s entertainment to a new level.
The play features a host of local characters that audiences will easily identify with, each with their own story, As the play unfolds so too does the music and craic. The show has been a sell out success in the Ramor Theatre Virginia, Roscommon, Longford, Mullingar Monaghan and Leitrim and is a real tonic to beat the recession and election blues.
Mixing comedy drama and music it is a treat for all theatre and Joe Dolan fans alike.

'I love coming out of a play/concert/show and just buzzing. And this show had the ingredients to do this in bucketfuls'

'I've seen this play... twice in Virginia in Cavan and I know some people that have seen it 4 or 5 times.. you won't be disappointed I can tell you...It's one hell of a show... have to hand it to the director... he writes some great plays... well done to an excellent cast & production team!'

'When "Joe" arrived on stage, the place went crazy! I've never been to a Joe Dolan concert (I swear) but if it was half as energetic as this performance, I'm really sorry I never went to one.'

I haven't laughed so much since we skinned the cat (metaphorically speaking of course, not physically....before anyone contacts the ISPCA!)

Venues and Dates

Olympia Theatre Dublin

Date: October 2012

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